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Fermentation Technology to Produce Capreomycin

1.Product Presentation

Capreomycin is a member of the aminoglycoside antibiotics, which have the ability to kill a wide variety of bacteria, including bacteria responsible for causing tuberculosis (TB). Capreomycin is derived from polypeptide antibiotic, combined by four kinds of bioactivator: Capreomycin IA, Capreomycin IB, Capreomycin IIA and Capreomycin IIB.

Molecular Formula: C25H44N14O8  (Expressed by Capreomycin IA)

Molecular Weight: 668.70 (Calculated by IA)


Capreomycin is produced from Streptomyces capreolus. The high-producing strain mutanted and selected by nitrosoguanidine and ultraviolet ray.

Final titre: 8000mg/L

Fermentation time: 158 hrs

Recovery yield: 75%

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