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Echinocandin B (Anidulafungin)

1. Product Introduction


US Adopted Name (USAN): Echinocandin B

CAS No: [54651-05-7]


US Adopted Name (USAN): Anidulafungin

CAS No: [166663-25-8]

Anidulafungin structure:

2. General Information, Clinical Indications and Medical Need

Anidulafungin is a novel antifungal agent, a chemically modified derivative of the natural product Echinocandin B. It is developed for the treatment  of  serious fungal infections, predominantly  in  hospitalized  patients, and is commercialized in the US with the name of Eraxis. It is indicated for the treatment of fungal infections where there is a very high medical need for more effective therapies.

3. Key Competitors

Micafungin, Caspofungin

4. Technologies available

Echinocandin B fermentation technology: 200mg/l

Biotransformation  rate: >85%

Purification of Echinocandin B Core: DSP > 70%

Chemical modification of Echinocandin B Core into Anidulafungin: semisynthesis and DSP overall yield > 70%

Anidulafungin overall yield > 40%

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